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Legacy offers in-home dog training services to clients in or around Sequim, WA.  Whether your dog is a new puppy, or an adolescent with lots of energy, or you want to teach your dog some advanced behaviors with a qualified trainer, we can help. Our motto is "Catch Them in the Act of Doing Something Good."  We set up each training situation so it’s easy for your dog to make the right choice, then reward him for being so clever. We provide education to the individuals on both ends of the leash.

Training Goals

The mission statement of the National Japanese Canine Good Citizen Program below reflects our goals.


Both Human and Canine Good Citizens Will:

  • Demonstrate a good relationship as a result of positive training.

  • Demonstrate reliable control with minimal handling and maximum enjoyment.

  • Demonstrate appropriate manners and be unobtrusive to those around them.

Think of The Law of Gravity - we believe it, we don't question it. It works! The Law of Effect is a learning principle that is just as reliable. "Behaviors that are rewarded increase in frequency, intensity or duration." Legacy's training methods use rewards from three categories: Food, Toys, Interactions. Legacy students are taught when and how to use them, and most importantly, when not to use them. The dogs learn to play the lottery of random reward.

Training Options

Team Teaching

You, your dog and a Legacy instructor make up the "team." Team Teaching provides more support than a group class can offer. Your dog's temperament, your own physical ability and/or scheduling difficulties can more appropriately be addressed in Team Teaching. Legacy provides one-on-one instruction in basic pet manners. Come when called, sit, down, walking nicely on leash, and go to place are some of the behaviors we will train. An instructor will help train the dog, but will then transfer the skills to you. 


Team Teaching for Puppies

Research has shown that the most impressionable periods for a puppy’s mental development occur before 16 weeks of age. Puppies are learning every minute, with or without our influence. Legacy’s puppy program makes sure you don’t miss the critical windows of opportunity. We’ll show you how to give your puppy a “headstart” to becoming a great family dog. 


Team Teaching Groups

Invite a friend or two and create your own mini-group.  Instruction is customized to the needs and desires of those participating.

Behavior Consultations

Behavior Consultations are for dogs who need help with specific behavior issues.  These private consultations evaluate and profile the dog and the situation. We customize a program to reduce or change the problem behavior. 

Registration & Fees


Team Teaching Fee

$95 for the first one hour session, $47.50 for each additional 30 minute session. Legacy students receive with their paid tuition, a copy of the book, The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog, written by Terry Ryan, as well as supplemental handouts and training plans. You'll also be provided with a hot line number for advice whenever you need it. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Then download the registration forms below (the profile form and liability waiver) and email them back to


Behavior Consultation Fee

These specialized consultations are $250 for the first 90 minute session.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Then download the registration forms below (the profile form and liability waiver) and email them back to

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