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Legacy, an organization promoting humane dog training, was founded in 1975 by Terry and Bill Ryan. Through Legacy, Terry has kept a busy teaching schedule for more than four decades.  For more information about Legacy's offerings and Terry's background, click below.

Terry Ryan Legacy students

The Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program takes an innovative approach to developing and supporting outstanding trainers. Terry teaches KPA students with regularly scheduled classes in Washington and Hawaii.  Classes are conducted overseas as well.

Terry Ryan offers chicken camps for professional trainers to improve their skills. Watch the video above- How International Dog Trainers Learn with Chickens to learn more.

Register HERE for Beginning and Advanced Chicken Camps

Our newest addition to the Legacy Store, the first book

To purchase popular books and other products written or created by Terry  visit our Products Page.  Terry Ryan's new Gamify book has over 70 games to help people and dogs practice basic manners and good citizenship while having fun.

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